Who Has Time to 'Love With Time'?

Posted by Jenn Garner on 5/25/16 8:00 AM

Last year, my family moved to England. Since we’ve moved, we’ve had a lot more time to spend as a family. It could be because we don’t know anyone, or it could be that our new culture emphasizes more family time, but whatever the reason, we have had a crash-course in quality time.

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How You Can Help the Lonely

Posted by Life.Church on 5/23/16 3:25 PM

Loneliness isn’t the same as being alone. You can be in a crowded room and still feel lonely. Loneliness is a feeling that people don’t like to talk about, but it can happen to anyone. Being lonely doesn’t make someone a social misfit, it simply means someone lacks support from family and friends. Loneliness can happen anytime there’s a change in our lifestyle, location, or household.

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Compassion International's Child Survival Program Saves Lives

Posted by Justin Edge on 5/20/16 8:00 AM

Life.Church has a huge passion for kids. But I had no idea how far that passion extends until I one afternoon this past February on a trip to La Paz, Bolivia when I met Herminia. I have to tell you her story.

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The Danger of an Open-Ended Prayer

Posted by Adrian Hummel on 5/18/16 8:00 AM

Recently, I heard Pastor Craig talk about how our prayers are often what we want God to do for us, but then Craig asked a perspective-shifting question: how often do we ask God what we could do for Him? I remember praying during my LifeGroup, and honestly, my prayers were pretty small. I was asking for a good week, the opportunity to meet new people, health for my family. It was all standard stuff, but then I started thinking, What if I changed my prayers to big, open-ended prayers?

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If God Calls You to Adopt

Posted by Dana Byers on 5/16/16 3:29 PM

If you believe God’s called you to something but you don’t have the finances for it, He can help you get really creative. In 2005 we were debt free and beginning to dive into the amazing discovery that having extra money each month meant we could be radically generous. My husband and I both felt led to give a specific amount of money to a cause we care about. We committed on paper to do it and were ecstatic to be so close to making what was our family's largest donation to date. 

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Did you know there are over 400,000 foster children in America?

Posted by YouVersion on 5/13/16 4:59 PM

At Life.Church we believe the local church is God's Plan A for helping orphans. Psalm 68:6 says, "God places the lonely in families." That's why we're passionate about placing those children, without homes, into loving families

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The Most Difficult Decision of Our Marriage

Posted by Kim Meyer on 5/11/16 8:00 AM

We are Clayton & Kim Meyer from Edmond, Oklahoma and our family is 2 ½ years into a journey of adoption. God has given us a passion and purpose to offer love and hope to the lost and forgotten of the world. Very early in our dating relationship, we shared a passion for orphans and we both wanted to adopt a child from an under-resourced country someday.

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Our Journey With Foster Care

Posted by Paige Lane on 5/9/16 8:00 AM

“There will be something this year that God asks you to do. There’s something Hes preparing you for that you don’t want to do but need to do.” Two years ago my pastor, Craig Groeschel, said this to our Life.Church Team. I knew what that “something” was for meI’d known for several months. But when Craig challenged us, it clicked for my husband, too. (We both work for Life.Church at our Central offices.) I’d been praying for months that God would align us with a passion for foster care. That day, my prayers were answered and we started the process to become foster parents. 
Fast forward two years and five foster placements later. This is the messiest, most beautiful journey I’ve ever walked. Three of those five placements have reunited with their parents. The hurt and grief that come with that are at times unexplainable. There’s grief because you get attached, learn to love, and share memories only to experience the heartache of losing a child. But the reward is great because you see these children develop, their parents reach a healthy place, and the family restored. 
When people find out we foster they often say things like, “I couldn’t do it!” or ask me, How do you do it how do you give them back?” My answers to both are simple: How could I not give a child the love and healthy attachment they need? It’s hard giving them back, but the goal is to place them in a healthy loving environment—hopefully with their biological parents. 
The list of “why” or “I can’t” excuses can go on and on. But at the end of the day, I wholeheartedly believe as the body of Christ it’s on us to care for orphans. I also believe not everyone is called to open their home for foster care. There are so many ways to be involved in foster care. Things like: run errands, prepare meals, mow yards, babysit, provide respite care, pray for the families, even donate toys and clothes. 
So, what’s the right way for you to become involved in orphan care?  First, pray about your involvement. Ask God what this looks like for you and your family. Next, Id encourage you to reach out to your Life.Church campus to connect you with a local foster care agency. They are the best resource for us as a foster family and have many opportunities for you to serve the orphans in your community. But no matter what, prayer is the key thing that everyone can do. Pray for these children, their parents, their circumstances, and their salvation. These kids are in your community, in your children’s classrooms, in our church, they might even be your neighbor. Let’s love them the way Jesus does—unconditionally. 
Pray For Me
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How to Get Over Regretting the Past

Posted by Amanda Sims on 5/6/16 11:00 AM

Have you ever faced a situation and made “if only” statements? You know, those things in life that make you think, “Man, if only that hadn’t happened…”?

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Change the Way You Neighbor and Get Into Heaven

Posted by Jason Inman on 5/4/16 2:00 PM

Did you know some religious people once asked Jesus how to get into heaven? When Jesus told them to love the Lord with everything and love their neighbor as themselves, they naturally wanted to know who these neighbors were. Wouldn’t you? Well, no surprise here, Jesus answered them with a story. This particular story was about a good Samaritan—someone the religious elite would have seen as neither good nor their geographical, spiritual, or relational neighbor. But Jesus wasn’t just widening their perspective of who their neighbor was. His story taught these teachers How To Neighbor.

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