Change the Way You Neighbor and Get Into Heaven

Posted by Jason Inman on 5/4/16 2:00 PM

Did you know some religious people once asked Jesus how to get into heaven? When Jesus told them to love the Lord with everything and love their neighbor as themselves, they naturally wanted to know who these neighbors were. Wouldn’t you? Well, no surprise here, Jesus answered them with a story. This particular story was about a good Samaritan—someone the religious elite would have seen as neither good nor their geographical, spiritual, or relational neighbor. But Jesus wasn’t just widening their perspective of who their neighbor was. His story taught these teachers How To Neighbor.

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My Experience With Racism

Posted by Adrianne Manning on 5/2/16 1:46 PM

Until recently, I hated filling out forms.

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Loving Your Spouse When Sex Won’t Cooperate - Pt. 2

Posted by Michael Martin on 4/27/16 4:30 PM

We had only been married for two short years the night she first felt it: a sharp stabbing pain that immediately overwhelmed all her other senses. The intensity would wane over the next several hours in waves of aches, grimaces, and tears. As a shy and skinny 20-year-old, I had promised to love this woman for better or worse, but I assumed the worst would come after decades of preparation. That’s not what happened. The pain kept coming back. At night, with a baby just down the hall, we tried to connect in the same way that most married couples enjoy, but instead there was just the pain.

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Loving Your Spouse When Sex Won’t Cooperate - Pt. 1

Posted by Shelley Martin on 4/26/16 4:29 PM

As a little girl, I dreamed about my wedding—from the cake, to the dress, and even the man I would marry. When you’re dreaming about how your special day will be, you never think about the trials that will come after that day.

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Go and make disciples…from your couch?

Posted by Steven Roberts on 4/20/16 10:30 AM

Without even leaving our home, we have the ability to people around the world grow closer to Christ. Maybe you’ve been through some difficult things, and you feel like you could help others who are going through similar things. Or maybe you want to encourage others to follow closer to Christ – or you just feel like you have more to offer but you don’t know what to do.

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Loving Like Jesus IS Loving Jesus

Posted by Kendra Golden on 4/18/16 11:16 AM

When my family started fostering, we attended a Christmas party for foster families given by a church we'd never visited in a denomination we didn’t belong to. I ended up spending the whole two hours choking back tears and trying to keep myself composed. Everywhere I looked I just kept catching glimpses of the face of Jesus in the crowd.

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A Letter From Alan

Posted by Alan George on 4/16/16 3:46 PM

Hi Life.Church family,

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3 Problems That Serving Solves

Posted by Jenn Garner on 4/11/16 10:30 AM

Serving feels too selfless, doesn’t it? (Insert my sarcastic smile here!) Well, in an effort to make serving sound more ‘self-serving,’ I’ve discovered three problems you could be facing – and serving solves every one one of them.

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My New Agenda: Loving Like Jesus

Posted by Beth Castle on 4/8/16 4:41 PM

I’ve always been perplexed by social status. Why do we humans elevate some people and not others? There can be many factors that influence one’s place on a social totem pole: fame, wealth, abilities, beauty, personality, title, heritage, etc.

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Loving the Broken

Posted by Danny Duran on 4/1/16 12:44 PM

I was raised in a broken home. Drugs, alcohol, and physical abuse were common and expected. It didn’t take long for me to take on some of the same characteristics that I saw on a daily basis.

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