Jesus: For Hipsters and Non-Hipsters Only

Posted by Jason Inman on 11/25/15 8:00 AM

You step into a repurposed old brick building onto a concrete floor. You pass a wall of hanging succulents and nearly trip over a hand-made, steel and plywood stand with six different local food magazines. You stop at a beautiful, locally sourced, wooden countertop where you can choose from exactly five different combinations of caffeine and milk. Don’t ask for sugar; you will be removed. A macchiato never includes caramel, and it’s a drink sized for a squirrel. You’ve entered a hipster coffee shop. If you just realized this, you’re probably not a hipster.

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A Twist Beginning

Posted by Chuck Porter on 11/23/15 8:00 AM

When I was in college, I thought I was a big deal. I went to a smaller university, where everyone knew everyone, and I thought it was a privilege to know me. I kept my head so high in the clouds, I had to dodge airplanes.

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Six Tips For Quitting Your Habit

Posted by Jason Inman on 11/20/15 2:19 PM

Quitting cigarettes is pretty difficult, so you quit quitting them and start smoking again. Or, maybe you’re trying to start actually moving your body to the extent that you use more calories than you consume. Then, approximately 8.3 days later, you quit that too. Maybe you quit jobs too often, or you give up trying to get better in your marriage, or you stop reading the Bible. What’s your quitting habit?

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Escaping the What-If Spiral

Posted by Amanda Sims on 11/20/15 9:00 AM

Life is full of possibilities and opportunities, isn’t it? Sometimes they spark excitement at the thought of what could be waiting for us round the corner. But if you’re like me, you’ve encountered a bit of hesitation or fear when you’re faced with the unknown.

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An Example of Surrendered Obedience

Posted by Dana Byers on 11/18/15 10:30 AM

Recently I reached out to a Church Online attendee for an update on some things going on in his life we'd been praying about. His response is a beautiful example of what we're learning about at church this very week.

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The Three-Step Answer To Life, The Universe, And Everything

Posted by Jason Inman on 11/16/15 8:30 AM

Don’t you love Bible jokes? What would Boaz be if he didn’t marry Ruth? Ruthless. No, not that kind of Bible joke. I’m talking about when it feels like the Bible pulls a fast one on you. Like when you assume a tiny, Old Testament book named after some obscure character might not be all that relevant, and then it’s like, “BAM, here’s the answer to all your life’s problems.”

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Singleness Isn't a Burden

Posted by Jess Holland on 11/13/15 8:00 AM

People say your 20s are for “finding yourself.” But I think what they really mean is, find out what you want to do in college, meet someone, and settle down by the time you’re 22. 24 at the latest. Longer than that and you’re labeled as restless, wild, or worse…single.

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It's Time to Come Home

Posted by Austin Taylor on 11/12/15 4:01 PM

Let me introduce you to my dog, Oakley.

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Need A Recharge? Try These Quick Tips!

Posted by Amanda Sims on 11/9/15 2:50 PM

I have a handy little gadget – an emergency phone charger. I charge it at home, then keep it with me as I go about my day. If my phone battery gets low, I can pull out my emergency charger and it will give the battery a boost. It’s not usually a full charge, but it’s enough to last until I can get home and get it back to 100%.

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Authentically Enthusiastic

Posted by Dana Byers on 11/6/15 8:54 AM

There’s a woman in my life who is full of enthusiasm. I first met her at the age of 20, and I still remember the way she made me feel. We shared a meal and she was genuinely happy. She giggled, smiled, and sincerely enjoyed asking questions to know me better. She was full of joy and couldn’t help but share it!

Over the years this friend has continued to enjoy her life and inject joy into the lives of others she meets. She sees the good in everything. She helps me know myself better with her insightful questions and is quick to point out the good things in every situation. I love that about her. She’s refreshing to be around!

You know what? Everyone needs a person like my authentically enthusiastic friend in their lives. You and I have the capacity to be that person – to positively impact our environments and the people in them. I challenge you to accept this opportunity and develop a contagious enthusiasm for others and their lives – it will infect them in the most wonderful of ways!

God, help us be more enthusiastic for your glory. We want people to see you in our words and in our lives. Amen

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