3 Reminders that Help Me Be Enthusiastic

Posted by Amanda Sims

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Everyone hits times when enthusiasm is hard to come by. When I find myself in a season where fighting the “blahs,” I’ve learned that I can rekindle that spark of enthusiasm when I remember three things.

Who God is. He is powerful and gentle, merciful, and just. He knows every star in the sky and every thought in my mind. He is loving and good, he is faithful, and He is in control. Knowing who he is helps me trust Him and find joy in Him, regardless of what I’m facing.

What God has done. He made the world, the stars, every creature, and every person who has ever lived, including those closest to me. And when we needed Him most, when we were the least lovable, He did the most loving thing imaginable. He sacrificed his only son to pay for all of our mistakes, all our wrongs. For my wrongs. And He has called me his own. He gave me a place to belong in a family, in community, and in ministry. This gives me joy I simply have to share.

What God has called me to do. God has called me to love people, all people, just as they are. My family, my friends, my coworkers, and whomever I meet. He’s called me to lead them to Him, to show them the love that changed me, and to offer them hope and joy that goes beyond circumstances.

When I remember these things, I experience enthusiasm that can change me, my environment, my friends and family, and even the world.

If you’re struggling to find joy that fuels your enthusiasm, we have a team who would love to pray with you.

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