5 Benefits of Online Community

Posted by Dana Byers

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No matter who you are or where you’re from, your life can be overwhelming sometimes. None of us is meant to face today without the help of others. The solution to feeling alone, incapable, or stressed is always community. It’s a lot easier to develop community than you may think. 

1) Immediacy: Our LifeGroups have people from a variety of time zones and countries participating. Can't sleep and need prayer at 1am your local time? No problem! Many people in our community are wrapping up lunch while you're tossing and turning in bed. 

2) Variety: If you have a pulse, God wants to do more in your life. This will best happen when you learn and grow from the input of a variety of godly people. Making new friends provides fresh observations on your life. There are amazing people who can pour into you in our community. 

3) A broadened perspective on life: Ever get bogged down by the mundane? Imagine what making a friend in another country and seeing their photos of local food or people can do. You'll start thinking bigger and dreaming bigger. 

4) A glimpse of heaven: We don't really know what heaven will look like, but it surely won't be full of people who look just like you and speak your language. The Church Online LifeGroups community is a taste of what's to come - people from all walks of life with vastly varied backgrounds who are curious about Jesus and eager to be more like Him. 

5) The fulfillment of your life’s purpose: God can use your life's experiences to encourage others. You can share what He's done for you and multiply the hope in another person's life. This happens in our online community every day, and we’d love for you to participate and experience it for yourself. 

Ready to try our online community on for size? Click below to find a LifeGroup at Church Online.

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