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Hi Life.Church family,
Each week, I get to hear about the lives that are changed at Church Online. Randy and Gao's story is really special to me—and I can't think of a better time to share it than during Love Like Jesus
Gao and Randy met in the military. They served two tours in Iraq together and were later married. Both struggled with PTSD after leaving the military.  Gao searched for help online and found community at Life.Church Online. “When I found first started attending I felt like I fit in. I found a family."

Randy struggled with alcoholism and anger problems. “I was struggling PTSD, but more than that I felt like I didn’t have a purpose. My life didn’t count for anything—it didn’t matter."

Gao prayed for six years for Randy to attend one service with her. “It was so hard for me during that time because I felt like Randy couldn’t relate to me. When I found Church Online my life changed, but he hadn’t found it. He was getting worse—more angry and hurtful."
Gao continued to invite Randy to attend Church Online with her. On a Sunday morning, he agreed to watch—the message was A Way Out
Randy: “After that first message I was hooked. I always felt like I was so far gone there would never be hope for me. I was mad, so angry all the time. Now, I’m completely changed. Not only is our marriage 1000% better, but all of my relationships are better. People can see a perceived change. I’m so proud that I have a wife that sticks by me and I thank the Lord that He got me out of the darkness.”
The best part is, the story doesn’t end there. Randy asked his mom and dad to give Church Online a chance. They agreed, and the entire family huddled together on one couch, around a laptop to watch the next message in A Way Out.  Randy’s mom, dad, and daughter all gave their lives to Christ. They were baptized together at our Life.Church Hendersonville campus in February of this year.
Randy: “I want what happened to me to happen to everyone. They all need to hear about Jesus.”
Who do you know that you can invite to Church Online? Ask God to give you opportunities to share with that person how you're different because of Jesus. You can also click the button below to receive weekly social media content to help out as you invite others to Church Online.  
Let's Change The World!
Alan George
Pastor | Church Online

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