You're Invited to Study With Pastor Craig

Discovering Your Money's Potential

Planning Your Generosity

How I Chose Honesty Over Popularity

Can We Really Trust God With Directions?

I Found the Example Parent

A Fundamentally Different Way To Think About Parenting

How to Keep Anger Under Control as a Parent

The Last Four

Lessons on Fear From After Earth

Interstellar - A Quest to Save the World

What does 'created for eternity' mean?

Happiness is Actually Possible—Here’s How

Four Ways to Protect Your Current or Future Marriage Today

Life.Church Online Launches 71st Weekly Service

Five Keys To Fighting Any Addiction

How To Fight Sexual Addiction

Want some really bad advice?

At the Movies

Volunteering: What's in It for Me?

Who Has Time to 'Love With Time'?

How You Can Help the Lonely

Compassion International's Child Survival Program Saves Lives

The Danger of an Open-Ended Prayer

If God Calls You to Adopt

Did you know there are over 400,000 foster children in America?

The Most Difficult Decision of Our Marriage

Our Journey With Foster Care

How to Get Over Regretting the Past

Change the Way You Neighbor and Get Into Heaven

My Experience With Racism

Loving Your Spouse When Sex Won’t Cooperate - Pt. 2

Loving Your Spouse When Sex Won’t Cooperate - Pt. 1

Go and make disciples…from your couch?

Loving Like Jesus IS Loving Jesus

A Letter From Alan

3 Problems That Serving Solves

My New Agenda: Loving Like Jesus

Loving the Broken

Real Life Drama—What I Learned From It

Why We Celebrate Easter—In One Sentence

Celebrating 10 Years of Life.Church Online

What is Gratitude?

You're Guilty: True or False?

The Unexpected Benefits of Serving Others

Church Online LifeGroups Podcast

4 Myths About Prayer

What Does The Bible Say About Money?

Read Before Getting Your Jeremiah 29:11 Tattoo

How to Understand the Bible in Four Simple Steps

How to De-Clutter Your Mind

A Simple Method to Avoid Being Judgmental

Should Christians Judge People?

What is Church?

A Prayer for Peace

3 Questions to Avoid Taking Verses Out of Context

Grace for “Mom-Fail” Moments

How to Invite Your Friends to Church

What to do When Prayer is Painful

Prayer Changes Everything

One Huge Mistake Every Parent Can Avoid

What Happened When I Prayed a Dangerous Prayer for My Marriage

How to Find Healing from Shame

4 Tips for a Better Date Night

20 Years at Life.Church: How to Stay Humble & Hungry

20 Years and Counting: The Life.Church Story

Where Do You Fit in the Life.Church Timeline?

How to Let the Life.Church Culture Change You

Study the Bible with Life.Church Staff

Goal Setting for 2016 with Craig Groeschel

What My Six-Year-Old Taught Me About 2016

6 Practical Steps to a Spiritually Significant Fast

A Prayer for Those Having Unhappy Holidays

Why Should I Fast?

Scars and Stories

Surviving Christmas Comparisons

Celebrating Our Scars with Jefferson Bethke

Spread Some Holiday Cheer

When God Seems Uncooperative, Try These Three Things

Losing A Child: Keeping Our Marriage Together

One Invite to Life.Church Changed My Life

What If Jesus Were Only A Day Away?

Merry Christmas from Life.Church Online!

Searching For God's Will in My Infertility

Living With Multiple Sclerosis

Life.Church Online Launches 70th Weekly Service

What My Kid Would Do If She Were God

Four Leadership Lessons From Four Years of Ministry

Mary's Made New Story

Searching for Church Online

It's Cyber Monday. Are You Unsatisfied?

Jesus: For Hipsters and Non-Hipsters Only

A Twist Beginning

Six Tips For Quitting Your Habit

Escaping the What-If Spiral

An Example of Surrendered Obedience

The Three-Step Answer To Life, The Universe, And Everything

Singleness Isn't a Burden

It's Time to Come Home

Need A Recharge? Try These Quick Tips!

Authentically Enthusiastic

Your Life Is Not A Joke

Confidence Is All About Perspective

Who Am I Actually Helping Here?

The One Thing You Shouldn’t Tell Your Future Spouse

Introducing Experience Reminders

Bonus Material From This Week's Message

Three Truths to Build Confidence That Won’t Topple

The Gift of Dignity and Hope

3 Reminders that Help Me Be Enthusiastic

Set The Tone For Your Life

Enthusiasm The Vampire Slayer

Pastor Craig's Two Types of People

Inspiration From Ukraine

Really Be the Real You

How To Get The Better End Of The Deal

He Made Me Generous

What Can You Learn From Generosity?

4 Things You Need to Know About Your Destiny

How to Be Grateful For the Marriage You Already Have

Now the Bible App for Kids is also a Storybook!

Church Online ❤️'s Our Global Community

Three Ways to Stay Encouraged

How do you know you’re out of control?  

Is All This Encouragement Really Necessary?

Imagine You Just Lost Everything

Give Credit Where It's Due

A Simple Way to Start Being Positive

Three Grateful Statements to Make Every Day

Appreciate What You Have

Three things I bring home from my travels

God Is an Optimist

Dreams and Reality

Eight Ways to Stay Optimistic Through the Day

Being Kind to the Unkind

Why You Can Say “I’m Optimistic” Despite Bad News

Back to School

Pray Around the World

A Way Out of Debt, Part 5: Find Your Freedom Date

A Way Out of Debt, Part 4: Set a Budget

A Way Out of Debt, Part 3: Money is Just a Tool

A Way Out of Debt Part 2: There's No Good Debt

A Way Out of Debt, Part 1: Debt is Not a Tool

A Way Out of Shame

Learning to Listen and Obey

I Found a Way Out

Follow Me to Ukraine with HOPE International

Pastor Craig's Prayer

Getting Physical with Temptation

Celebrating 7 Million Free Resources

Finding a Balance on Social Media

Four Tips to Help You Lose Weight and Get Healthy

What Happened at our 68th Experience Launch

25 Cities I'm Praying For

The Benefit of Living Untangled

Comfort in Hostage Negotiation

Finding Purpose in Pain

Behind the Scenes with For King & Country

Praying for Healing

How to Make Your Time on Social Media Matter

Three Ways to be More Mindful

Our Colorado Community

An Experience I Will Never Forget

At the Movies: My Life Changed with One Invite

Celebration, Team Meeting and Prayer

Christian Atheist: Customized Christianity

Don't Stay in the Boat

Helping Others through Prayer

How to Have a Spiritually Recharging Vacation

What is a Christian Atheist?

How I Learned to Embrace the Backspace

Develop Your Relationship with God

A Day in the Life with Pastor Alan

The Difference Between Your Goals and Your Destiny

Learning Leadership with Pastor Craig Part Two

Three Ways Prayer Builds Relationships with Others

People Count

Meet our New LifeGroups/LifeMissions Pastor

Is Community Possible at Church Online?

Are You a Spiritual Hoarder?

Fish, a Baby, and 67 Services

Overcoming PTSD through Prayer

Celebrating New Experiences at Church Online

What Does Prayer Look Like

On the Road with Church Online

How to Share Your Faith without Struggling

Volunteering in 10 Minutes a Week

Learning Leadership with Pastor Craig Part 1

Finding Community Through Social Media

Three Ways We Communicate with God

Read the Bible with Your Family

Turning Your Dreams Into Reality

What Happens When I Pray April 2015 Stories

Great Leaders Let Go

5 Benefits of Online Community

Easter Celebration Video

Church is Terrifying

How Your Smartphone can Improve Your Prayer Life

Savior Forever Worship Videos at Church Online

Celebrating Nine Years of Church Online

5 Easy Steps to Inviting Someone to Church Online

A Special Easter Message from Pastor Craig

Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

Don't Watch Church Online's New EP: Savior Forever March Stories

Talk About It: Much More

Have Empathy for Ignorance

The Right Words at the Right Time

What to Ask in Successful Relationships

Help for Single Moms

What's Your LifeGroup Like?

Experience Setup Volunteer Opportunity

Talk About It: Kenneth's Story

How Volunteers Find Stronger Faith

But...My Time

Perspective through Prayer

Meeting Needs in Your Community

Talk About It: Jurassic Park

Social Media & Free Coffee Connections

Meet 5 World-Changers in 10 Minutes

Talk About It: Game Changer

Ted's Story

Let Me Take a Selfie

Thank You for Praying

Elizabeth's Story

Reach out and Start a Life Group

Talk About It: FAQ #1

Reach the World from Your Phone

Let's Talk About It: I Dare You

Two People are Better than One

One Invite Changed My Life

Why We Pray

January 2015 Stories

Sam's Story

Let's Talk About It: It's Not Rational

Praying for Tammy

Let's Talk About It: Get Into It

No Limitations. Only Potential.

Places like Pakistan

Praying for People Online

Let's Talk About It Episode 3: Faith

A Glimmer of Hope 2014 - The Year In Review Stories - December 2014

A Christmas Gift for You!

Offering Hope

Lunch with Matilde

Chazown in England

Invited to the Table

He Was Just Broken, and so Was I

Open Door at Church Online

Honey, Please Don't...

Celebrating 5 Million with Pastor Craig

November Stories

Our Bagel Fight

Jose's Story: Giving Back

What Are LifeGroups Really Like?

Sharon's Story

Alleviating Poverty from Tennessee to Togo

Celebrating 5 Million

Life in London

Karen's Story: Reaching Back

October Stories at

Freedom From Addiction

Embrace Your Place

Love Song

1,000 Bible Versions: See the Bigger Picture

Strengthening Our Community

Investing in Dreams All Over the World

Face to Face

Coming to Colorado

Irrational Generosity In Action

LifeGroup Leaders FAQ

Life Change in Philadelphia

The Most Unloving Ways

Cómo Se Dice…Anything

Lead a LifeGroup Today

Hope in Prayer

Join the Facebook Team

¡La Biblia App para Niños está aquí!

Church Online LifeGroups Podcast Week 2

Let's Talk About It Episode 2: What I Don't Know

Let Me Check that Again

Let's Talk About It: Where oh Where are We?

Sisters, You're Not Alone!

Hope, Relief, and Restoration

Taking a Leap

HOPE in Congo

Sisters is Coming Up!

The Iron Gate

Back to School in Haiti

Your Life has Purpose

Start Understanding the Bible Today!

We Love Suicidal People

A Legacy of Love

Your Corner of the World


Eight Things You Don't Need to Volunteer

Her Favorite Part of the Week

My Favorite Coffee Shop

Grace and a Lawn Mower

Tidal Waves of Compassion

It's Here!


The Present Love of God

Irrational Generosity

In the Storm

Come and Rest

Praying Together

What a Puzzle!

A Piece of the Puzzle

Finding our Chazown!

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