Appreciate What You Have

Posted by Dana Byers

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You and I have so much to be thankful for in this moment in time. We have breath in our lungs today. We've probably had a meal within the past few hours. We can use the Internet to make connections to and grow spiritually with other humans we'd never otherwise meet. 

When I landed my first full-time job in social work at a women's homeless shelter, I remember walking into the office my first day on the job thinking I'd finally arrived. I'd done all the hard work, had late nights of studying, passed difficult exams, and endured internships to arrive in that office.

But it only took a few months of hearing about my friends' new jobs to realize they made a lot—a lot—more money than I did. Before I knew it, the women I'd been so eager to serve had become less important to me. My passion for the work waned. I grumbled when my paycheck arrived every other Friday instead of appreciating my employment.

Pastor Craig spoke this week about how being grateful unlocks other positive qualities: as gratitude increases, we become more generous, we volunteer more, and our compassion and empathy for others multiplies. If you find yourself in the same place I was in my first job out of college, take a few minutes today to appreciate what you already have. Being grateful for your current circumstances could open the door to living a much more positive life!

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