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Who Has Time to 'Love With Time'?

Posted by Jenn Garner

Last year, my family moved to England. Since we’ve moved, we’ve had a lot more time to spend as a family. It could be because we don’t know anyone, or it could be that our new culture emphasizes more family time, but whatever the reason, we have had a crash-course in quality time.

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3 Problems That Serving Solves

Posted by Jenn Garner

Serving feels too selfless, doesn’t it? (Insert my sarcastic smile here!) Well, in an effort to make serving sound more ‘self-serving,’ I’ve discovered three problems you could be facing – and serving solves every one one of them.

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Real Life Drama—What I Learned From It

Posted by Jenn Garner

So, I got into a fight. It was so stupid - full disclosure, it was over a desk. I wanted to move into a space at work and this other girl didn’t want me to. In the whole process, she said and did some things that hurt my feelings. Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I’m not a cry-at-movies kind of girl. I could not relate to the movie Mean Girls or any shows like 90210 or Pretty Little Liars. I don’t do drama. But there I am, getting my feelers hurt about a desk.

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