Celebrating Our Scars with Jefferson Bethke

Posted by Jefferson Bethke

Sometimes God uses our scars to tell our stories, but sharing our stories with others can seem nearly impossible. 

It’s become a cultural norm for us to hide our shame and our struggles. We try to cover them up, and social media makes it all too easy to hide our hearts behind a glossy filter and a carefully crafted caption.

Maybe you’ve been there. Maybe you’re harboring secret sin, or maybe you can’t let go of guilt that has gripped you for years. Maybe you’re trying to find healing by hiding your wound from the world.

But what if our spiritual wounds aren’t so different from our physical wounds?

When we get a nasty cut, we can’t just slap on a bandage. We have to uncover it. We have to make it clean again.

God works the same way. In times of trouble and doubt, we have to talk about it. Put it out in the open. We have to bring it to the One who makes all things clean and new again.

Our wounds hurt us. They are sensitive, and they need to be cured. But when wounds become scars, they become a part of our past, not a piece of our present.

Our scars don’t hurt us anymore, but they give us a powerful story that we can use to help others. We may have some deep wounds, but the grace of God brings a deeper healing.

If you’re battling with spiritual wounds today, know that Jesus can transform your wounds into scars. And although our wounds need healing, our scars tell the story of our Healer.

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