Change the Way You Neighbor and Get Into Heaven

Posted by Jason Inman

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Did you know some religious people once asked Jesus how to get into heaven? When Jesus told them to love the Lord with everything and love their neighbor as themselves, they naturally wanted to know who these neighbors were. Wouldn’t you? Well, no surprise here, Jesus answered them with a story. This particular story was about a good Samaritan—someone the religious elite would have seen as neither good nor their geographical, spiritual, or relational neighbor. But Jesus wasn’t just widening their perspective of who their neighbor was. His story taught these teachers How To Neighbor.

As you know, Craig is using four weeks (you seriously won’t want to miss even one) to uncover what it really means to love our neighbors as ourselves. But he doesn’t want us to just yak about it like religious people. Here are three ways we can start changing the way we neighbor.

  1. Start the How To Neighbor Bible Plan with your LifeGroup. It’s centered around five practical ideas played out in videos of real stories that will take your neighborhood, turn it upside down, and leave you wondering how you ever saw things differently. Just in case that wasn’t enough to convince you, Craig is hosting the videos himself, and he’s hoping you’ll go through the Bible Plan with him.

  2. Connect to a local organization. Listen, we know non-profit organizations are not the only way to get involved in your community. However, if you don’t know where to start, do a web search for the cause you’re interested in and your city name. Then, reach out to a few of them and ask about volunteer opportunities. Waiting to do something is boring at best. You’ll be blown away how much your life changes when you start spending it on behalf of others.

  3. Be a regular. You live somewhere. Get to know the people next door. Your car needs gas. Pick a regular place to fill up, and get to know the workers there. You work somewhere, get haircuts, buy coffee, go grocery shopping, attend Life.Church Online, and probably have a hobby or two. You see where this is going? Become a regular. Get to know the people in the places where you spend your time and you’ll start to care about them. Start to care about them—especially the ones who aren’t like you—and you’ll find yourself living out Jesus’ second greatest commandment.

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