God Is an Optimist

Posted by Amanda Sims

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God is an optimist.

I think this is because while He is aware of every moment, He takes the long view of, well, everything. He doesn’t just see my past or my present. He sees my future – all of it. He doesn’t just see my sins or my struggles. He sees the unique gifts and the call He’s put on my life. He sees how all the pieces fit, and He knows what the big picture looks like, because He’s the one in control of putting it all together. 

Trusting God requires that we understand two very important things about Him – He is in control, and He is good.

If God were in control, but not good, we could not trust His motives. If He were good, but not in control, we could not trust His actions. Thankfully, as we learned in the message this week, He is both.

My husband and I struggled for years with infertility. After a year of trying to conceive we became pregnant, but lost the baby to early miscarriage. Not long after, I heard a message about God being both in control and good. The speaker said that in order to truly trust God, you have to accept that both of these are true of God simultaneously.

I was having a hard time being optimistic about my situation and my life. As I processed this concept of God being in control and good, I realized I had to embrace all of who God is. I had to make the decision every day to trust His perspective, His timing, and most of all, His heart.

I could only see the painful moment I was in, and He could see it all.

He knew that I would wait three more years before our daughter would finally come, and in that time He would do a healing work in my own heart.

I can be optimistic because God is, and I trust Him because He’s in control, and He is good.

If you’re in the middle of a difficult time and struggling to be optimistic, I understand. And I’d love to have our team pray for you.

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