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Posted by Amanda Sims

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At Church Online, we believe that God moves when we pray. In fact, we have a team dedicated to praying for people all over the world. Prayer offers hope, and it creates two important connections – to others and to God.

When someone asks us to pray for them, they are letting us into their stories in a personal way. Because our online environment allows for a certain level of anonymity, people are often more open and vulnerable when sharing requests. This allows us to connect with them on a deep level.

Recently, Nicole asked for prayer that God would provide financially for her as she cares for her daughter and grandmother. Michelle, a Prayer Team member, responded with caring words and a heart-felt prayer that Nicole appreciated. Here's what she said:

"Thank you so much for your prayer. I am so thankful to know people care as much as I do. I'll keep praying and please, keep praying for me.”

Praying with others also gives us an opportunity to connect with God. He is the one who can move and not only change circumstances, but also others hearts, minds, and lives.

You can share in a story like this by joining the Prayer Team today!

Luke requested prayer to overcome ongoing sin in his life. Peter on the Prayer Team responded by sharing encouragement, hope, and truth. He prayed for God to work in Luke's heart and his life. He encouraged Luke to join a LifeGroup that would help him grow in his relationship with God while finding accountability and support.

Luke's reply is so hopeful:

"Peter, thank you. I truly appreciate this blessing you have given me. I've not been tempted for several days now! Thank you."

It’s encouraging to see God is at work in Luke's life, and that He used Peter as an instrument in His hand!

Prayer gives hope to people in desperate situations around the world.

Are you hurting right now? Do you have something in your life you we can pray with you about? There is no situation too big or small for God. 

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