If God Calls You to Adopt

Posted by Dana Byers

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If you believe God’s called you to something but you don’t have the finances for it, He can help you get really creative. In 2005 we were debt free and beginning to dive into the amazing discovery that having extra money each month meant we could be radically generous. My husband and I both felt led to give a specific amount of money to a cause we care about. We committed on paper to do it and were ecstatic to be so close to making what was our family's largest donation to date. 

Imagine our confusion when just two weeks later we believed God was leading our family to adopt a child. We’d literally just committed our extra money elsewhere but had a new option which we could not afford if we completed the giving as promised. So we gave anyway. And to our surprise, our interest in adoption only grew. Being confused, we asked God how we could afford an adoption since we were committed not to take on debt.  

We added up how much money we’d have saved to pay by the end of the adoption process and knew we’d come up short. Here’s what God did: Over the next months we began the adoption process and sharing our experience online through a blog. In time people started donating to help us bring our daughter home. I was given a unique opportunity to return to the company I’d been working for full time a few years prior to provide some work on contract. An error in the actual adoption process allowed for a decrease in our fees. A friend hosted a free concert during which they shared a video about our family's plans to adopt and invited concert-goers to chip in to bring our daughter home. In various ways, the closer we were to bringing our daughter home the closer we were to paying for her adoption in full, in cash. Mackenzie came home to be with us forever in 2007, and I adore telling her that God loves her so much He brought together about 60 different families and individuals to help find her a home.  

You and I are ordinary people called by an extraordinary God. If He's asked you to open your home to adopt, He will creatively provide. 

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