Is Community Possible at Church Online?

Posted by Alan George

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I'm often asked if community is possible at Church Online.

I looked up the word 'community' and here is one of the definitions I found online: Community is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.

I want to give you three ways to get into community here at Church Online:

  1. Don’t just watch a service, but step into the conversation. That's the best part about Church Online - you can talk during the service. If you have never attended one of our services before, just go to
  2. Join a LifeGroup. Whether it’s online or face to face, find one that works for you. If you want help finding one, just email Pastor Steven (our LifeGroups LifeMissions Pastor) at and we’ll get you connected.
  3. Volunteer at Church Online. We have plenty of opportunities that you can be a part of and I promise you, when you are part of a global team, it will change your perspective and the way you look at life. Here's more info on volunteering:

The question is not, “Is community possible at Church Online,” it’s “How can community not be possible at Church Online?"

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