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Posted by Jess Holland

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I was having one of those days.

My mind had decided to switch into slow mode, my clothes had merged into one large wrinkle, let’s not discuss my hair.

Obviously, it was time for coffee.

I was in line at Starbucks (don’t judge – remember I’m one big raisin right now) and I order my usual. No, scratch that. I make it a big one.

I pull up to the window, feeling guilty for the calories and $5 I’m about to spend.

“Here you go. The lady in front of you paid for your coffee. Have a great day.”

Whaaaa? As I reenact the first scene of The Sound of Music from the confines of my car, my outlook on the entire day changes.

One small act of kindness from a total stranger made my day. My hair didn’t look any better, my entire body needed to be fluffed in the dryer, but I didn’t care.

Did you know that we have the opportunity to do the same thing every day on our Social Media Team? People share things on our Life.Church Facebook page that they’re excited about or struggling with and we get to step in and encourage them. It’s not just fun, it’s ministry.

You’re already on social media. Make it count. Join our Life.Church Social Media Team today.

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