The Danger of an Open-Ended Prayer

Posted by Adrian Hummel

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Recently, I heard Pastor Craig talk about how our prayers are often what we want God to do for us, but then Craig asked a perspective-shifting question: how often do we ask God what we could do for Him? I remember praying during my LifeGroup, and honestly, my prayers were pretty small. I was asking for a good week, the opportunity to meet new people, health for my family. It was all standard stuff, but then I started thinking, What if I changed my prayers to big, open-ended prayers?

What if my prayers looked like Isaiah 6:8? “Here I am. Send me!” Whatever the question Lord, the answer is yes!  

As I thought about this prayer, I realized the possibilities of what that could mean. Am I going to have to move to the other side of the world, or do I need to start being more intentional about sharing the Gospel in my own city? As I wrestled with this prayer more and more, I jotted down three things I needed to fully surrender to God and prepare me for where this prayer could take me.

1) A genuine experience with the presence of God. To hear from God, I needed to connect with God and hear from Him. The more I experienced the presence of God, the more I could help determine where God wanted to send me.

2) A genuine awareness of my sinfulness. The truth is, without God’s grace, I am nothing. Nothing I can do can live up to God’s standard. The more I developed an awareness of my sinfulness, the better I was able to grow and be more like Christ.

3)  A genuine understanding of God’s Grace. The more I understood my sin, the better I appreciated God’s grace. I learned to become more dependent on Him and less on me. The more I grasped His grace, the more I wanted to do for Him and the Church.

I learned that it’s okay to pray, “Lord, send me!” It’s a dangerous prayer because God may tell you to help someone in your community, or have you travel to the other side of the world. The Bible says in all our ways we must acknowledge Him, and he will make our paths straight (

Proverbs 3:6). We can have peace in knowing that God’s ways are better than our own, and ultimately wherever He sends us is where we should be.




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