Three things I bring home from my travels

Posted by Austin Taylor

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If you know me at all, you know that I love to travel. It’s almost like an addiction. Each stage—from the dreaming to the planning to the going—brings its own unique high that I just can’t quit chasing. Even when I’m 100 years old, I’m sure I’ll be wheeling my oxygen tank down the jetway and asking the flight attendant for a glass of water so I can take my fiber pills. (Hopefully we’ll just be able to teleport places by then, right?)

One of my least favorite parts of traveling used to be returning home. But over time, I’ve come to love those quiet moments of post-adventure reflection. I’ve learned to take inventory of the things I’m bringing home—which, aside from a few souvenirs, are usually not things at all.

Here are three things that I always find myself bringing home from my travels:

A broader understanding of the world. When you encounter a foreign culture and have rich conversations with new local friends, your understanding of their way of life grows immeasurably. It becomes increasingly harder to believe stereotypes that you now know don’t accurately represent the truth. You gain a broader worldview and the ability to see the intricacies, beauty, and challenges of other cultures.

A deeper appreciation of my freedom. Honestly, if you’re reading this post right now, you have at least some level of freedom that many others around the world don’t have. It can be far too easy to slip into complacency and take our liberties, particularly access to the Gospel, for granted. Traveling always reminds me to be grateful for my freedom (especially my freedom in Christ), to pray for persecuted Christians, and to remember the importance of Church Online’s role in reaching people who don’t have access to a physical church location.

A stronger burden for the nations. When I travel, my burden for the lost and hurting around the world inevitably grows. The amazing thing is that through Church Online, I can reach every nation on the planet—without ever leaving my house! I can interact with people from other cultures, grow as a leader, build community with believers from all over the world, and share the love of Jesus with people who have never heard about what He did for us on the cross. There’s really nothing else like it.

If you’re passionate about reaching the world for Christ, you’ve got to check out our volunteer opportunities. Serving at Church Online is far easier than you think and makes a greater impact than you could ever imagine.

Come learn more about how you can join our team as we go online and reach the world!

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