Goal Setting for 2016 with Craig Groeschel

Posted by Life.Church

It’s the beginning of 2016. What goals do you have in mind for yourself? Whether it’s getting in shape, living within a budget, or developing your relationship with God, you can follow these steps to successfully reach your goal.

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Six Tips For Quitting Your Habit

Posted by Jason Inman

Quitting cigarettes is pretty difficult, so you quit quitting them and start smoking again. Or, maybe you’re trying to start actually moving your body to the extent that you use more calories than you consume. Then, approximately 8.3 days later, you quit that too. Maybe you quit jobs too often, or you give up trying to get better in your marriage, or you stop reading the Bible. What’s your quitting habit?

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Four Tips to Help You Lose Weight and Get Healthy

Posted by Life.Church

Many people who have successfully lost weight say that the basic “secret” isn’t a secret at all. You have to move more and eat less. It sounds simple, but for many who struggle with their weight, it’s not that easy. Here are some ideas to get you on the right track.

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