20 Years at Life.Church: How to Stay Humble & Hungry

Posted by Brian Bruss

It’s hard to believe I’ll be celebrating 20 years of being on staff at Life.Church this coming May. Am I really that old? No—I just started before puberty is all! I’m now the Campus Pastor at our location in Rio Rancho, NM, and I’ve really grown up at this church in more ways than one. I have grown so much over the past two decades in my relationship with God, in how I lead, how I parent, and how I am a husband.

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Six Tips For Quitting Your Habit

Posted by Jason Inman

Quitting cigarettes is pretty difficult, so you quit quitting them and start smoking again. Or, maybe you’re trying to start actually moving your body to the extent that you use more calories than you consume. Then, approximately 8.3 days later, you quit that too. Maybe you quit jobs too often, or you give up trying to get better in your marriage, or you stop reading the Bible. What’s your quitting habit?

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