Searching For God's Will in My Infertility

Posted by Laura Blakemore Corbin

The “will of God,” that all-elusive mystery, is incredibly difficult to grasp. Up until 2012, I felt I had good understanding of “God’s will.” Believe in God, repent of your sins, and your life will go smoothly. But then I received some earth-shattering news: I would never have children. My flimsy faith fell apart, but thankfully, for me, it was God’s way of making our relationship real.

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Living With Multiple Sclerosis

Posted by Michelle Meisner

One rainy afternoon, I remember praying to God:

God, I know this sounds crazy, but I’m asking you now to give me a struggle. I am constantly battling to control my life, and I believe a real hardship would bring perspective, humility, trust, grace, strength, and beauty that I have yet to know, all because I am holding on too tightly to what I want. Am I crazy for asking?

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Life.Church Online Launches 70th Weekly Service

Posted by Life.Church

Have you heard the news? Life.Church Online is hitting an exciting milestone this week: we’re launching our 70th weekly service this Sunday, December 13, at 8:30pm CST! For more information on what this means and how you can get involved, check out the video and FAQs below.

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What My Kid Would Do If She Were God

Posted by Heather Brower

“What would you do if you saw a crocodile eating a kitten?” A typical topic for dinner conversation at any home, right? This was the question my 10-year-old son posed to my 8-year-old daughter last night.

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A Twist Beginning

Posted by Chuck Porter

When I was in college, I thought I was a big deal. I went to a smaller university, where everyone knew everyone, and I thought it was a privilege to know me. I kept my head so high in the clouds, I had to dodge airplanes.

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An Example of Surrendered Obedience

Posted by Dana Byers

Recently I reached out to a Church Online attendee for an update on some things going on in his life we'd been praying about. His response is a beautiful example of what we're learning about at church this very week.

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The Three-Step Answer To Life, The Universe, And Everything

Posted by Jason Inman

Don’t you love Bible jokes? What would Boaz be if he didn’t marry Ruth? Ruthless. No, not that kind of Bible joke. I’m talking about when it feels like the Bible pulls a fast one on you. Like when you assume a tiny, Old Testament book named after some obscure character might not be all that relevant, and then it’s like, “BAM, here’s the answer to all your life’s problems.”

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Singleness Isn't a Burden

Posted by Jess Holland

People say your 20s are for “finding yourself.” But I think what they really mean is, find out what you want to do in college, meet someone, and settle down by the time you’re 22. 24 at the latest. Longer than that and you’re labeled as restless, wild, or worse…single.

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How do you know you’re out of control?  

Posted by Steven Roberts

It’s so hard seeing someone you care about continually make bad decisions that wreck their life. As an outsider, their errors can be really easy to see. Maybe you've even tried to offer help or advice to someone like this, but they never seem to listen. They think they know what they’re doing and it will all work out fine. But time and time and time again, they keep digging a deeper hole.

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