Study the Bible with Life.Church Staff

Posted by Life.Church

God has done so much in the first 20 years of Life.Church. Prayers answered. Families strengthened. Lives made new. Countless moments when one person moved closer to God, multiplied by dozens, thousands, even millions of people around the world.

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Goal Setting for 2016 with Craig Groeschel

Posted by Life.Church

It’s the beginning of 2016. What goals do you have in mind for yourself? Whether it’s getting in shape, living within a budget, or developing your relationship with God, you can follow these steps to successfully reach your goal.

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What My Six-Year-Old Taught Me About 2016

Posted by Jason Inman

A stick figure drawing of a girl riding non-descript kid’s play-thing hangs proudly on my fridge with these wobbly-written words, “I want a schuder for Christmas.” I investigate the image with my 6-year-old daughter to discover she’s prompting Santa to remember her scooter request. Side note: since she was 3-years-old, I’ve been trying to convince her Santa is pretend and I actually buy the gifts.

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6 Practical Steps to a Spiritually Significant Fast

Posted by Alex Tran

Honestly, I don’t ever look forward to starting the year with a 21 day fast. Yet I’ve done it the past eight years.

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Why Should I Fast?

Posted by Life.Church

When we fast, we deny ourselves things we love for something we love even more. There are many ways to fast – all foods, partial fasts, and media fasts.

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Celebrating Our Scars with Jefferson Bethke

Posted by Jefferson Bethke

Sometimes God uses our scars to tell our stories, but sharing our stories with others can seem nearly impossible. 

It’s become a cultural norm for us to hide our shame and our struggles. We try to cover them up, and social media makes it all too easy to hide our hearts behind a glossy filter and a carefully crafted caption.

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Living With Multiple Sclerosis

Posted by Michelle Meisner

One rainy afternoon, I remember praying to God:

God, I know this sounds crazy, but I’m asking you now to give me a struggle. I am constantly battling to control my life, and I believe a real hardship would bring perspective, humility, trust, grace, strength, and beauty that I have yet to know, all because I am holding on too tightly to what I want. Am I crazy for asking?

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Life.Church Online Launches 70th Weekly Service

Posted by Life.Church

Have you heard the news? Life.Church Online is hitting an exciting milestone this week: we’re launching our 70th weekly service this Sunday, December 13, at 8:30pm CST! For more information on what this means and how you can get involved, check out the video and FAQs below.

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What My Kid Would Do If She Were God

Posted by Heather Brower

“What would you do if you saw a crocodile eating a kitten?” A typical topic for dinner conversation at any home, right? This was the question my 10-year-old son posed to my 8-year-old daughter last night.

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It's Cyber Monday. Are You Unsatisfied?

Posted by Dana Byers

It’s Cyber Monday. Are you unsatisfied?

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