Appreciate What You Have

Posted by Dana Byers

You and I have so much to be thankful for in this moment in time. We have breath in our lungs today. We've probably had a meal within the past few hours. We can use the Internet to make connections to and grow spiritually with other humans we'd never otherwise meet. 

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God Is an Optimist

Posted by Amanda Sims

God is an optimist.

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Dreams and Reality

Posted by Leslie Hugo

Being optimistic can be difficult in a world filled with negativity. This is especially true for me, although I don’t call myself ‘negative’—I call it ‘facing reality.’ And I don’t call positive people ‘optimistic,’ I call them ‘dreamers.’ 

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Eight Ways to Stay Optimistic Through the Day

Posted by Life.Church

This week, during Stay Positive, Pastor Craig shared eight things that help him keep a positive outlook. Get ready to have a better day and then check out his reasons below. 

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Why You Can Say “I’m Optimistic” Despite Bad News

Posted by Life.Church

Schools are failing, foods are modified, glaciers are melting, teens these days, churches are dying … you’ve heard it all. You may have even said it all. Either way, it’s bad news. Without undermining any of these real conversations, a Christ follower can boldly say, “I’m optimistic.” Why? Because we’re not optimistic based on what our eyes see. We’re optimistic based on what our God says. But, what does our God say? We don’t have to guess. His words have been written down for us.

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