How to Find Healing from Shame

Posted by Jason Inman

On an otherwise innocent Sunday afternoon, an otherwise innocent four-year-old boy climbed to the top of a mountain and chucked a stolen necklace as far as he could. That morning, I came across the necklace in my Sunday School class at our North Hollywood church where my dad happened to be the new pastor. I loved seashells, and the necklace had no shortage of them. When it was time to eat animal crackers and juice, I must’ve put it in my pocket. You know, so some other heathen kid who didn’t appreciate seashells wouldn’t try to play with it. Fast forward, and I’m at home later that day. I reached into my pocket and my little fingers discovered my inadvertent plunder. My post-toddler logic decided that chucking it off the hill was the best way to avoid being found out.

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A Way Out of Debt, Part 5: Find Your Freedom Date

Posted by Adrian Hummel

“What is a freedom date?” I can guarantee that question probably does not come up in regular conversation. When is the last time you asked your friend over coffee, “Hey, when is your debt freedom date, again?” Maybe it’s a question we need to ask more often.

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A Way Out of Debt, Part 3: Money is Just a Tool

Posted by Adrian Hummel

Yesterday, I shared a little common myth between the idea of good debt vs. bad debt and in reality how all debt is just debt. Today, I want to share with you why it’s important to get out of debt.

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Topics: Pride, Leadership, Lifestyle, Prayer, Online Community, Debt, Shame, Finances

A Way Out of Debt Part 2: There's No Good Debt

Posted by Adrian Hummel

Yesterday, I shared with you a bit of my story of how I unintentionally became a slave to debt and as a result, debt was holding me back from what I felt God was calling me to do. Today, I want to talk about the myth behind good debt, and why there is really no such thing as good debt.

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