What My Kid Would Do If She Were God

Posted by Heather Brower

“What would you do if you saw a crocodile eating a kitten?” A typical topic for dinner conversation at any home, right? This was the question my 10-year-old son posed to my 8-year-old daughter last night.

She immediately responded with, “Well, I’d pray, and God would make the crocodile let the kitten go.”

Their conversation set my mind racing into an existential crisis of thoughts. God isn’t a genie. Why should God cause a miracle for the sake of my 8-year-old’s love of kittens? She’s got to learn about the food chain some time, right? Do I let this go, or say something more?

I said something more.

“What if the crocodile was hungry?” I asked. Surely this will soothe her worries about the suffering of kittens, and she’ll now empathize with the starving reptile.

“I’d pray for it to find a fish instead,” she answered.

Outsmarted again.

“Well, what if a fisherman nearby was starving because the crocodile kept eating all the fish, so he prayed for God to send the crocodile a kitten snack.”

“I’d pray for the fisherman’s family to become vegetarians.” 

Here’s one thing I learned. Don’t try to win an argument with an 8-year-old. 

Here’s another thing: we’d all set up this universe a little differently if we were God. Think about my daughter. She thought changing a fisherman’s diet was the most loving scenario. She doesn’t want anything to ever be hurt. 

Part of me agrees with her. I’m pretty sure if I were God, I’d never let anyone suffer. I’d rescue everyone who called on me the moment they did so. In fact, I never would’ve given us free choice in the first place because I’d never let mankind choose not to love me and live in my perfection.

And there I go, proving exactly why I shouldn’t be God. I’m not loving enough.

Love is complicated. And perfect. And I am not. Love allows for choices, consequences, and even suffering. Love works all things together for good. Love renews and repurposes. Love offers hope.

God is love, yet He doesn’t always make sense to us because He can’t make sense to us. He is higher than us. He knows far more than we do. He is perfect and good. And, as hard as it is for me to admit, His way is perfect. If I were God, I wouldn’t do anything different.

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