Who Am I Actually Helping Here?

Posted by Dana Byers

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Last weekend’s message about cultivating God-confidence in areas of insecurity hit me right between the eyes. Who can’t relate to feeling inadequate to living out their calling in life like Pastor Craig shared? I’m raising two incredible kids, and sometimes I look at them and feel a sinking sense that they deserve much more than I could ever give them. I am passionate about my work and the team I work with, and during challenging seasons I sometimes doubt I have what it takes to fill the shoes of this role. My husband and I have been together for 18 years, and he’s so incredibly patient and full of grace that I still have moments where I feel he got the short end of the stick. 

Before this post takes a turn for the depressing, I want to share the question I ask myself to pull out from a downward spiral of feelings of inadequacy:

Who am I actually helping here?

Think about it. If I spend time thinking God hasn’t given me what I need to raise my precious kids, work at my job, and remain in a healthy marriage with my best friend, I’m actually helping my spiritual enemy, Satan. He wants me wrapped up in these negative thoughts (which is the opposite of this series’ goal for us: to quite literally Stay Positive). 

When I encourage myself in the Lord by speaking words of life to myself and recalling Bible verses that remind me of His good plans for me, I am actually helping the very people I love and long to be there for – my husband, kids, and teammates. 

The next time you feel your confidence waning, remind yourself that your confidence is in God and His capacity to accomplish all the good things in your life. Jesus will never abandon you, and He will help you live out the calling on your life to be in relationships with and serve others. 

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