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Why You Can Say “I’m Optimistic” Despite Bad News

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Schools are failing, foods are modified, glaciers are melting, teens these days, churches are dying … you’ve heard it all. You may have even said it all. Either way, it’s bad news. Without undermining any of these real conversations, a Christ follower can boldly say, “I’m optimistic.” Why? Because we’re not optimistic based on what our eyes see. We’re optimistic based on what our God says. But, what does our God say? We don’t have to guess. His words have been written down for us.

The Apostle Paul penned Romans around 56 A.D. as a foretaste of his upcoming visit to the Roman church. Roman Christians were both new to the faith (Gentiles) and converts from Judaism. Both experienced turmoil between their new faith and Jewish law.

In Romans 1:1, Paul describes himself as “set apart for the Gospel …” Paul’s introduction doubles as a purpose statement for entire book of Romans. In fact, the subject matter of Romans—the Gospel—is why we can always say, “I’m optimistic.” Its very definition from the original Greek, to the Old English, to your vocabulary is “Good News.” The Gospel is Good News for a new Christian facing turmoil thousands of years ago, and it’s Good News for you today. Why are we always optimistic no matter the headlines? Because, Gospel.

This post is based on day one of the I’m Optimistic Bible Plan. Start the plan today for eight reasons from Romans 8 that you can always say, “I’m optimistic!”

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