You're Invited to Study With Pastor Craig

Posted by Jason Inman

We all love Pastor Craig. He has this pretty amazing knack for discovering God’s truth in Scripture and then putting it back to us in words, stories, and concepts that we can turn into life-altering action. Really though, who else can turn commercials and viral videos into deep and inspiring biblical messages?

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Discovering Your Money's Potential

Posted by Alan George

As you reflect on Week 3 of Making Change, we hope you understand that God wants you to be a good steward as you manage what He’s given to you. While we may recognize that He puts money in our pocket, we may not realize its purpose. We often spend, consume, or even waste what He’s given us rather than maximizing it.

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Planning Your Generosity

Posted by Alan George

So many of our most stressful moments come back to finances, right? So much so that most of us probably cringe at the idea of talking about finances. But financial freedom doesn’t happen without a plan. In the Making Change messages, Craig's hit hard on four easy-to-remember thoughts to help people find financial freedom today and tomorrow.

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How I Chose Honesty Over Popularity

Posted by Jon Mays

My wife and I had been married nine years. Some good, mostly bad. Mostly my fault. I hadn’t chosen to live my life as a Christian, let alone a pastor. But there I was, six months into following Christ with an irresistible urge to step into ministry at a church. At this point, my faith had greatly improved my marriage, but I had a secret—one I thought might make me very unpopular with my wife, and maybe my church. I had to tell her about the affairs.

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Can We Really Trust God With Directions?

Posted by Jenn Jewell

“You’re going the wrong way!” our two-year-old daughter wailed hysterically at my husband and me from the back of the SUV.

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I Found the Example Parent

Posted by Maureen Russell

As we find the responsibility of parenthood squarely on our own shoulders, many of us wish we’d grown up with more perfect examples of mothers and fathers. Some of us had well-meaning, loving parents who did their very best to bring us up. For others, that wasn’t our experience. Either way, all of us feel or have felt totally unprepared for parenting.

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A Fundamentally Different Way To Think About Parenting

Posted by Jason Inman

Kids. Such a crazy idea. These tiny humans in our care could one day preside over a country, invent the next technological breakthrough, and get their own tiny humans. If you’re a Christian, you know their destiny is eternal. Here’s the shocker—the initial shaping and beginning of their eternity happens in our homes, under our love and influence. Maybe your children are grown, and you feel like you screwed all this up. Keep reading. This is for you too.

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How to Keep Anger Under Control as a Parent

Posted by Life.Church

These Biblical truths guard against flaring tempers.

Many of you have replied to these emails and shared one of your greatest parental challenges is dealing with your own anger as you lead and discipline your children. Today, we have a guest writer, Beth Castle, who has great insight and experience in bringing biblical truth to this very real challenge many of us face. –Allyson Evans, Life.Church NextGen Team

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The Last Four

Posted by Carlie Hasty

Imagine yourself talking to friend about the struggles you’re facing at a new job or in a relationship. As you’re talking about the burdens of your day, your friend pulls out their phone to check their emails. At the end of your conversation, they say, “I’m sorry to hear about that.” But, did they actually hear you, or did they possibly miss important details from your story because they were actually reading an email from their Aunt Virginia?

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Lessons on Fear From After Earth

Posted by Amanda Sims

***Spoiler Alert***

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