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How to Find Healing from Shame

Posted by Jason Inman

On an otherwise innocent Sunday afternoon, an otherwise innocent four-year-old boy climbed to the top of a mountain and chucked a stolen necklace as far as he could. That morning, I came across the necklace in my Sunday School class at our North Hollywood church where my dad happened to be the new pastor. I loved seashells, and the necklace had no shortage of them. When it was time to eat animal crackers and juice, I must’ve put it in my pocket. You know, so some other heathen kid who didn’t appreciate seashells wouldn’t try to play with it. Fast forward, and I’m at home later that day. I reached into my pocket and my little fingers discovered my inadvertent plunder. My post-toddler logic decided that chucking it off the hill was the best way to avoid being found out.

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Topics: Lifestyle, Shame, kids, life, family

What My Six-Year-Old Taught Me About 2016

Posted by Jason Inman

A stick figure drawing of a girl riding non-descript kid’s play-thing hangs proudly on my fridge with these wobbly-written words, “I want a schuder for Christmas.” I investigate the image with my 6-year-old daughter to discover she’s prompting Santa to remember her scooter request. Side note: since she was 3-years-old, I’ve been trying to convince her Santa is pretend and I actually buy the gifts.

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Topics: Lifestyle, love, family

Three Truths to Build Confidence That Won’t Topple

Posted by Jason Inman

Have you ever helped a toddler learn how to build a tower? The kind they’ll destroy seconds before it’s finished? On your solid base, both of you build upward. Then, with a spark in his eye, your building buddy introduces the full force of his fist to the weakest part of your tower. Now, you let the toddler build his own tower. Perhaps you’ll get your turn to topple. Yet, his tower repeatedly falls before it’s tall enough to be called a tower at all.

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Topics: stay positive

How To Get The Better End Of The Deal

Posted by Jason Inman

At Life.Church we often say, “We will lead the way with irrational generosity.” We truly believe it is more blessed to give than to receive. However, this statement is something we had to learn and something we’re still learning.

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Topics: stay positive, grateful, generosity, giving

How to Be Grateful For the Marriage You Already Have

Posted by Jason Inman

Sometimes someone says something that stops you in your tracks. Other times someone says something that stops you in your tracks, then proceeds kick you in the pants in a way that sends you flying onto the track you should have been walking down in the first place. Craig recently provided me with one of those moments when he said, “Don’t let what you want rob you of what you have.” Meaning, when you’re eyes are on some other prize, you might just be losing what you’ve already won. He went on to illustrate that most of us are so blessed that we upgrade things—TV’s, cars, houses, and relationships—that still work.

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Topics: grateful, marriage

Getting Physical with Temptation

Posted by Jason Inman

BAM! Do you ever have one of those moments when a pastor says something that hits you right upside your face? It just happened to me during week one of A Way Out. Pastor Craig said something like, “God will never tempt you, but He will test you. Testing is for promotion, but temptation is for demotion.” Whoa, so good! If God doesn’t tempt us, then where does temptation come from, and how do we stop it? 

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