Our Bagel Fight

Posted by Austin Taylor

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Do you remember the dumbest fight you and your spouse have ever had? I sure do!

I remember it like it was yesterday. My wife Tiffanie and I were grocery shopping for the first time as a married couple, just a week or so after we got married. It felt as if we had hit the lottery—we could buy whatever we wanted!

Everything was going great until Tiffanie pointed to some blueberry bagels and strawberry cream cheese in our grocery cart.

Tiffanie: “What are those?”
Me: “Bagels and cream cheese. I crossed them off our list.”
Tiffanie: “Oh…I wanted the regular kind.”

Upon hearing this, I put the blueberry bagels back and grabbed the plain bagels instead—as any good husband would. Problem solved.

Tiffanie: “Sorry, I meant the plain cream cheese.”

Ah, no problem. I grabbed the blueberry bagels again and swapped out the strawberry cream cheese for the plain kind.

Tiffanie: “Umm…Sorry. I wanted the plain bagels too.”

Now we had reached the tipping point. No one was going to ruin my bagel-eating experience with their plain-flavor shenanigans! I was thinking to myself, are you telling me you want plain bagels AND plain cream cheese? Why don’t we just eat bread and mayonnaise?! You’ve got to have a flavor in there somewhere.

That’s when the tanks rolled in and World War III broke out, right in the middle of the grocery store aisle. There were accusations. There were passive-aggressive comments. One of us was going to win this battle, no matter the bloodshed. (Ok, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic!)

Finally, after a couple of minutes, I came to my senses and said, “Hold on a second. This has got to be the dumbest reason ever to argue! These are all only $1.00 each. Let’s just get all four!” So, we purchased enough bagels and cream cheese to feed us for a year. To this day, we still laugh about this incident every time we pass the bagels in the grocery store!

Isn’t it funny how couples can end up arguing about the silliest things? But, as Pastor Craig mentions in this week’s message, small issues in your relationship can become big issues if left unchecked.

Don’t let a petty annoyance grow into cancerous bitterness.
Don’t let a trivial fight poison your marriage.
Don’t give the devil a foothold in your relationship.

Join us at Church Online this week as we learn to fight fair and resolve conflict in a God-honoring way.

(And don’t forget to bring the bagels!)

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