Can We Really Trust God With Directions?

Posted by Jenn Jewell

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“You’re going the wrong way!” our two-year-old daughter wailed hysterically at my husband and me from the back of the SUV.

This particular fit was accompanied by explosive tears, a range of impressive vocals, and a contorted back that would give the St. Louis Arch a run for its money. Though our vehicle was pointed in precisely the accurate direction on the exact route we always took home, she knew GPS had failed us.

Rookie mistake.

But wait. I do that. I’m like, “Hey God, I know you created the world, and exist outside of time, and are unfathomably wiser than anyone could imagine, but I just want to give you a heads up. You’re going the wrong way!” 

We like control, don’t we? It feels nice to call the shots, drive the car, hold the mic, dominate the remote, and plan out a detour-free itinerary for our lives. But when we’re constantly trying to force or manipulate our own agendas, we miss out on God’s route. Only when we give Him full access—when we surrender our self-made maps—can we travel confidently in His will.

Jesus prayed, “Your will be done,” right before His crucifixion; and our hearts, words, and lives should continue His prayer. 

We cannot micromanage God, but we can trust Him. We can count on His sovereignty, especially when we don’t completely understand. We can abandon our thrones and trust the King of all kings to be a worthy one. And, we can yield to His guidance, knowing He only leads us in the right direction.

We all get to choose. The options are confidence in our own partial understanding, or surrender to the one who holds the map.

Will you pray with me? Jesus, You are the guide. We choose to trust You fully. You asked the Father for His will to be done—lead us to live that way.

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