Enthusiasm The Vampire Slayer

Posted by Heather Brower

“I’m enthusiastic!” If someone used that phrase as a self-description, maybe as their Twitter bio, would you sort of wish you could punch them in their sugary little mouth? You’re not alone. And, if you’re like me, you might be dealing with something that’s sucking the life out of you on a daily basis.

You know enthusiasm’s vampires. They’re everywhere. Another diaper blowout, another flat tire, another bad meeting, another failed test, another rejection, another round of sickness, another sock left next to the laundry hamper instead of inside it. Sometimes some pretty minor challenges clump together and steal our joy. Sometimes a major one just knocks us flat.

But we should Stay Positive, right? How do you get to be the kind of person who’s filled with the source of life—God Himself—so you can be spiritually enthusiastic no matter your circumstance?

Check out this four-day Bible Plan. It’s like a garlic wreath to ward off the vampires trying to suck the enthusiasm out of you! And here’s a hint: spending time with God daily may just be one of the greatest secrets to renewing your spiritual enthusiasm.

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