Getting Physical with Temptation

Posted by Jason Inman

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BAM! Do you ever have one of those moments when a pastor says something that hits you right upside your face? It just happened to me during week one of A Way Out. Pastor Craig said something like, “God will never tempt you, but He will test you. Testing is for promotion, but temptation is for demotion.” Whoa, so good! If God doesn’t tempt us, then where does temptation come from, and how do we stop it? 

Remember your Physics class, when you learned Isaac Newton’s first law of motion? An object in motion tends to remain in motion unless acted on by an external force. A version of this natural law—observed by one of history’s most famous physicists—was also noted about 1600 years earlier in James 1:14-15. James basically says once we give into our own evil desires (temptation), we tend to remain in motion toward sin and death until acted on by an external force. But so often, when we mess up, we think the answer is to try harder next time. The next time comes around, and we fail again.

So how do we stop?

Stopping starts with realizing we’re not our own—we were bought with a price (1 Corinthians 6:18-20). This could not be more contrary to the modern world, nor more necessary to overcoming sin and temptation. When Jesus bought us at a price, He became the ultimate external stopping force to the motion of sin and death. Temptation is the desire to look beyond God for happiness. Fighting temptation is looking to God for our rescue. This doesn’t mean we get out of the hard work of conquering sin. It means God is the foreman of that work. And, He wants us to have life—and life to the fullest (John 10:10). 

Question: If you decided today that your body belongs to Christ, what would you want to stop doing? What do you need from God to make this change?

The above post and scriptures come from day five of the A Way Out Bible Plan.

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