How to Make Your Time on Social Media Matter

Posted by Jess Holland

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We all have those nights we can’t sleep, so naturally, we grab our smartphones and start scrolling. Endless streams of puppy videos, celebrity tweets, and hilarious memes compete for our attention. But what if we could make our time on social media matter?

When we go online, we are looking for a community. We want to feel connected to others, and we want to feel needed and known. We crave affirmation from others, and we seek it on social media.

From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, those little icons help us find our families, friends and celebrities from the comfort of our screens. But what if we took just 10 minutes each week to use our social media presence to encourage others?

Through the Church Online Social Media Team, you can give hope to the hopeless, lift up those in need, and help lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ!

Every week, people post on our social media pages, and we want them to feel acknowledged and appreciated. Whether we comment about the message, answer their prayer request, or engage in a conversation about our favorite kind of pies, we want them to experience a warm welcome.

At, one of our core values is to laugh hard, loud, and often, and that includes having a blast on social media. You can join the conversation and be a part of our online ministry with just a few likes and comments a week.

You’re already online, so why not use that time to make a difference? Just check the link below to get plugged in, and we can’t wait for you to contribute to what God is doing through Church Online!

Start Volunteering

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Our mission is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. 

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