Interstellar - A Quest to Save the World

Posted by Rafael Abreu

***Spoiler Alert***

It’s dark and cold as a small shuttle treks alone through interstellar space. The universe is a vacuum—a black, unforgiving terrain. It’s truly the last frontier. The earth is quickly becoming a barren wasteland.

Strong winds from a chaotic climate have left indelible scars on the earth. Crops are failing and people are deathly afraid as they face the inevitable end of the human race. One man, a widower and former NASA astronaut, is presented with an opportunity to join a small crew in hopes of saving the world by discovering a new, inhabitable planet. Joseph Cooper, played by Matthew McConaughey, bravely leaves everything behind, including his two teenage children, to go on a quest to save the world.

The small crew takes off in the shuttle Endurance and their journey begins. They must travel through a rare wormhole that’s a theoretical connection between widely separated regions of space and time. The odds of surviving are, at best, bleak. The scientists and crew don’t know what will happen when the crew travels through the wormhole. Will the ship disintegrate? Will they end up further than their calculations project? Against all odds, the crew makes it. They find a solution for earth’s impending demise, but not in the way they planned.

After I watched Interstellar I thought, “Isn’t that life?” It rarely goes the way you planned, but that’s usually for the best. This movie reminds me of how it feels to help others. Anytime we go beyond our own needs and help someone else, we take on the bravery of Joseph Cooper. When I first started looking for ways to help others, I felt this deep sense of satisfaction. It was like I awakened to the reality that life was not just about me. I experienced the thrill and joy of serving others and not just myself. Suddenly, I became a contributor, adding value to people’s lives. I became Joseph Cooper, leaving my world and my belongings to save the world from itself. I became a man on a mission.

Do you have a mission? Do you wake up each day with a strong sense of purpose? Do you serve even when it’s uncomfortable, when it’s unfamiliar, or when there’s no tangible reward? Who is a hero? Is it someone willing to lay down their life to save others?

Every time you put someone else’s needs before your own, you become a hero. When you ask who you can help today, not for personal reward or gain, but simply just to help—that makes you a hero. Maybe it’s helping a stranger than needs a hand, giving to a social cause, or serving at your local church or Life.Church Online. When you serve, you are the hero. You’re on a quest to help save the world.

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