Meet 5 World-Changers in 10 Minutes

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Did you know that the Church Online volunteer team currently includes over 600 people in 30 countries? It’s an amazing community of world-changers! Take just 10 minutes right now and hear 5 of them share how they’re using their gifts to go online and reach the world.

• “Although I have wanted to tell people about Jesus, my cerebral palsy put up a barrier. Because of Church Online, I have found my niche in ministry.” –Gayle, Host Team & Social Media Team volunteer

• “The women in my group have had some type of abuse—it may be physical or emotional. Now, we get to reach back, pray for someone, and tell them we know for sure that God is faithful.” –Karen, LifeGroup leader 

• “In London, all the people are connected via social network. I think if we can use that channel to spread the word and tell people about Jesus, that’s the best way. They can find true freedom and true love.” –Ajish, Host Team volunteer & LifeGroup leader

• “He sent me a link, and I decided I would check it out. Church Online was so life-changing for me that I feel like I need to do whatever I can to change other people’s lives.” –Sharon, Host Team volunteer & LifeGroup leader

• “I’m on the other side of a screen helping people all around the world. What gets me up in the morning is knowing that I’m directly impacting someone’s life.” –Chelcie, Social Media Team volunteer

Want to learn more about how you can join Gayle, Karen, Ajish, Sharon, and Chelcie in sharing God’s love all over the world? God wants you to use you on the Church Online team!

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Our mission is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. 

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