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Posted by Dana Byers

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Kevin Hussey is a LifeGroup Leader in the UK. His Lifegroup asked God how they could reach out to others and lead them to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Check out what happened:

Over the course of two Saturdays in January, our LifeGroup experienced a great sense of freedom and joy as we fellowshipped together and discovered our Chazown. We had previously only ever done Chazown on a one to one basis, so this was something very different.

We stepped out in faith and asked God to give us 50 people to lead, and He filled that expectant faith by filling our church with 53 the first Saturday and 50 the second Saturday. After weeks of preparation, it was great to know that the material supplied by was exceptional in its approach and timing.

I believe that we will be doing many more Chazown events in the future as the atmosphere in the place was electric on both days. Additionally, the feedback has been very positive, producing new life in people's vision.

Following our Chazown event, people on their own merit are asking others to be their accountability partners, planning to follow-up, and doing some more encouraging to keep all 53 people going. Whatever the outcome, it was the best workshop that we have ever done.

To think that we stepped out in faith and the team were magnificent in their service, everyone of the hosts on the table had done Chazown and they led all on their tables as a shining example for Jesus.

Kevin and his LifeGroup saw a need they could meet in their community. What’s missing in your community that you could help provide?

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