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Posted by Carlie Hasty

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Imagine yourself talking to friend about the struggles you’re facing at a new job or in a relationship. As you’re talking about the burdens of your day, your friend pulls out their phone to check their emails. At the end of your conversation, they say, “I’m sorry to hear about that.” But, did they actually hear you, or did they possibly miss important details from your story because they were actually reading an email from their Aunt Virginia?

Now, you might be asking yourself how this situation applies to Pastor Craig’s Scripture reading habits. Just like the distracted friend, we often get distracted and overlook the importance of details in Scripture. It’s fair to say most of us are satisfied if we comprehend the basic concept of what we just read in the Bible. But, are we missing the point? Ephesians 6:17 refers to the Bible as the sword of the Spirit, but what good is a sword if we only sort of know how to use it? Its potential is limited at best and dangerous at worst.

I totally get it. Spending focused time reading the Bible is way easier to talk or write about than it is to do. Work, friends, pings on our phones, kids, and all the events in-between can make our window of time with God seem impossible or at least distracted. But don’t get discouraged quite yet. If you’re struggling to find a deeper meaning in the Bible, you’re not alone. In The Last Four Bible Plan Bible Plan, Pastor Craig gives us an inside look at how he sometimes struggles to find significance in every word of the verses he reads. Start this Bible Plan today, and learn from Craig as he unboxes the last four verses he highlighted in his Bible.

Join me and start reading The Last Four today.

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