Three Truths to Build Confidence That Won’t Topple

Posted by Jason Inman

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Have you ever helped a toddler learn how to build a tower? The kind they’ll destroy seconds before it’s finished? On your solid base, both of you build upward. Then, with a spark in his eye, your building buddy introduces the full force of his fist to the weakest part of your tower. Now, you let the toddler build his own tower. Perhaps you’ll get your turn to topple. Yet, his tower repeatedly falls before it’s tall enough to be called a tower at all.

Your friend has yet to grasp the concept of a firm foundation. He’s not alone. How often do we watch pieces of our lives prematurely topple? We build on wealth, and our lives fall. We build on our education, our appearance, or our relationships, and at some point, our towers crumble. Why? Because when our confidence is placed on anything other than the loving acceptance of our Creator, we are engineering failure into our foundation.

You might be picking up blocks right now, thinking about laying a foundation, or sitting at the top of a fragile, leaning tower. There is really good news for you. God is not only a good builder; He’s the ultimate architect, restoration specialist, and general contractor. Before you know what you need, He has what you need. When the world needed a Savior, He sent the chief Cornerstone. Therefore, we can say, “I’m confident.” Not self-confident, but God-confident.

Here are three truths to build your God confidence: 

  1. My God is always for me (Romans 8:31-34.)
  2. My God always helps me (Psalm 46:1.)
  3. My God is still working in me (Philippians 1:6.)

Expand on these three truths with I’m Confident, a four-day Bible Plan written to help you find confidence that won’t topple.

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