Three Ways to be More Mindful

Posted by Dana Byers

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Have you ever become so busy in life that you realize you’re drifting through your days? I sure have. While it’s helpful to recognize we need to make a change, sometimes we don’t know where to start. Here are a few practical tips you can try to have more meaningful interactions with people in your life

  • Whether you work at home or in an office, it often helps to switch gears from work life to home life each day by going for a walk or taking a few minutes to journal. Find an activity to help you process your day and prepare for the evening ahead. You’ll help prevent the temptation to think about work when a friend is sharing with you about her amazing experience at the new restaurant in town.
  • Avoid unnecessary stress in your day by looking for ways to simplify your day before it even begins. Keep a simple wardrobe so there aren’t too many options leading to frustration. Try planning weekly dinners on Saturday afternoon so you don't have to figure it out every weeknight when your stomach begins to growl. A meal among family or friends often isn’t as relaxed or enjoyable if you’ve had to rush to make it happen.
  • As Christians, we can go through the motions of a relationship with Jesus without actually being mindful of Him. Be intentional by searching YouVersion for a Bible Plan that speaks to a specific need you have right now. Consider improving your focus on Him by choosing one Bible verse to meditate on and pray over daily for a season. Take intentional breaks in your day to stop and chat with God and look for His presence all around you.

Taking little steps like this affords you additional emotional, mental, and spiritual margin to respond with mindfulness to whatever comes your way. What are some things you do to increase your ability to be more mindful in your relationships?

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