Who Has Time to 'Love With Time'?

Posted by Jenn Garner

Last year, my family moved to England. Since we’ve moved, we’ve had a lot more time to spend as a family. It could be because we don’t know anyone, or it could be that our new culture emphasizes more family time, but whatever the reason, we have had a crash-course in quality time.

When we were living in the States, we were constantly busy with friends, church or school commitments, family responsibilities, etc. Honestly, we didn’t know how to hang out as a family. I decided to take inventory of how others spend their time and to take a closer look at how we spend our time.

I know a family of introverts who set together and read. They love spending time together sitting, not talking, reading individual books - but together. That works for them! I know another family who dances together, another one that loves hikes or bike rides, one family does yoga together while another family does crafts every weekend.

My husband and I love to watch Netflix together. Even though we’re not ‘doing anything’, we’re laughing together, experiencing something new together (even if that something ‘new’ does involve learning our way around Orange County society with Ryan on The O.C.) and **bonus** we’re cuddling on the couch.  

Spending time together looks different to everyone.

With all these different families enjoying time together in different ways, it made me re-think how I spend time with my friends, too. I might not have an hour to sit with a friend at Starbucks, but I can drive around running errands with a friend keeping me company. I may need to go to the grocery store, but chances are, so does my friend! Why not go together and spend that time building a relationship while checking something off the to-do list?

How can you love with your time this week?

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